Capping Machines (Automatic)


We are a UK agent supplying the 1.8 and 2.8 Emerito Automatic Capping Machine to food producers in the UK and Republic of Ireland. These in-line capping machines automatically cap glass or PET jars, pots, tubs and bottles, with metal "twist-off" lids. 


They can be supplied as a single unit and easily incorporated into existing production systems, or supplied as part of a Riggs Autopack automatic filling and capping line. Further details regarding the machine range offered by Emerito can be viewed at their website.


Model 1.8

Up to 70 containers per minute 


Lid diameter - 27mm to 82mm
Lid height - 5mm to 18mm
Container diameter - 30mm to 106mm

Container height - 37mm to 250mm


Model 2.8

Up to 130 containers per minute


Lid diameter - 27mm to 110mm
Lid height - 5mm to 18mm
Container diameter - 30mm to 160mm
Container height - 37mm to 260mm


Features Include

  • Designed for metal "twist-off" caps
  • Manufactured using high quality stainless steel 
  • Automatic lid feeder by magnetic column
  • Lid prescence / absence detector in the feeder
  • Exclusive "non-return" system included in the lid feeder
  • Lid positioning by mechanical selector
  • Fully adjustable for quick and efficient container or lid changeovers
  • Optional steam injection for cold fill products 
  • Built to stringent health & safety standards
  • Full technical support, staff training
  • After sales service agreements