Model 1000 Standard Depositors & Filling Machines

Our Model 1000 range of standard depositors and filling machines provide damage free depositing of hot or cold liquid, semi-liquid and suspended solid food products, and accurately fill most types or size of container.


They are available as a compact semi-automatic unit with foot pedal operation for artisan producers and small to medium scale food manufacturers, or fully automatic for large scale producers using conveyor filling lines.


Typical goods manufactured by food producers using our Model 1000 depositors include jam, preserves, honey, condiments, sauces, dips, dressings, marinades, soup, ready meals, coleslaw, sandwich spreads and pie fillings, pate, pasta salad, yoghurt, cream, cake, pudding and dessert ingredients.


"They are the Rolls Royce of filling machines."  Lynne Mallinson, Owner - Country Puddings Ltd.   

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  Our Series 1 Micro-Fill depositor provides a single deposit range of 3ml - 85ml per cycle, and accurately fills most types of container. Designed for small to medium scale food producers, this compact bench mount depositor provides damage free and highly precise depositing of hot

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  Our Series 2 Table Top depositor is designed for small to medium scale food producers, or those manufacturers who need to improve production rates by moving away from hand filling containers to an accurate and repeated process.   This high quality, semi-automatic filling

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  Our popular Series 3 depositor / filling machine is designed for small to medium scale food producers, or those manufacturers who need to improve production rates by moving away hand filling containers to an accurate and repeated

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  Our Series 4 depositor / filling machine is predominantly supplied as an automatic conveyor depositor for medium to large scale producers, but is also available as a semi-automatic filling machine with height adjustable filling table and foot pedal operation.   This robust

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