High Level Vertical Transfer Pump


Our Series 6 high level transfer pumps provide damage free transfer of hot or cold liquid, semi-liquid and suspended solid products, viscous and fragile goods. Simple and easy to use, these hygienic food pumps provide continuous food production and negate the need for manual loading of high level hoppers by using steps, and tubs or buckets.


These food grade pumps efficiently transfer products on a damage free basis direct from tote bins, pallecons, cooking kettles or mixing vessels via a drop tube or direct connection to an outlet, and transfer into high level hoppers and holding tanks at an approximate 2 metre height.




  • Standard 4.0 - nominal transfer rate up to 26 litres per minute
  • Maxi 5.125 - nominal bulk transfer rate up to 50 litres per minute 
  • Maxi 6.5 - nominal bulk transfer rate up to 80 litres per minute 


Features Include

  • Damage free product transfer
  • High quality, robust construction
  • 316 stainless steel used in all product contact areas
  • Nitrite / viton / ptfe / ptfe encaptulated seals
  • Supplied with the relevant length and width of inlet / outlet pipework to suit
  • Pneumatically operated, requires compressed air supply
  • Hygienic, easy to clean, quick to strip down, simple to maintain
  • Operator friendly, built to stringent health & safety standards
  • Manufactured in-house at our Lancashire factory
  • Outright or lease purchase
  • Short or long term hire
  • Comprehensive guarantee, full after sales support
  • No-obligation on-site trial