Depositing Nozzles & Decorating Heads



Our depositing nozzles are purpose designed to suit your product(s) and container(s), and available in a variety of types and size. They provide a clean positive cut-off and effectively dispense hot or cold products on a damage free basis, including fragile particulates or viscous goods.

Our decorating heads are designed for products such as ready meals, mashed potato, cakes, puddings and desserts. Whilst we offer a standard range, the vast majority are built on a bespoke basis to suit each customers food production needs and the required aesthetics.



Features Include

Standard range or bespoke design
316 stainless steel on contact parts
Acetal or stainless steel head / nozzle options
Built to stringent health & safety standards
High quality, hygienic, easy to clean, simple to maintain
No obligation product trials
Full after sales support

Depositing nozzle & decorating head options

Plunger cut-off nozzles:            semi-liquid / suspended solid products
Standard cut-off nozzles:          pure liquid products
Rise & fall nozzles:                     semi-liquid products
VFFS lance probes:                    liquid / semi-liquid / suspended solid products
Rotary cut-off nozzles:              semi-liquid / suspended solid products
Rosette decorating heads:       semi-liquid products
Hand held "gun" type nozzles:  liquid, semi-liquid / suspended solid products

To place an enquiry, please contact our sales department with your specific requirements.

Tel: 01282 440040