Capping Machines (Semi-Automatic)



To help avoid repetitive strain disorder, we manufacture semi-automatic capping machines for tightening manually placed caps on jars, bottles, pots and jerry cans. These machines can be supplied as a stand-alone unit, included in a filling machine, or incorporated into your existing production systems.

The unit is manually operated, and uses compressed air. It has fully adjustable torque settings and supplied with one cap head tightener designed to suit one cap size; interchangeable cap heads can also be supplied to suit other cap diameters.

Features Include

Bespoke design  
Operator friendly  
Supplied with one cap head tightening device designed to suit
Interchangeable cap heads available to suit other cap diameters
Pneumatically operated, requires compressed air supply
Fully adjustable torque     
Built to stringent health & safety standards
Manufactured in-house at our Lancashire factory
Full after sales support