Peg Indexing Conveyor



Our peg chain conveyors have an open, hygienic design to allow for easy cleaning. These indexing conveyors include a host of standard features and can be easily integrated into existing production systems or supplied as part of a Riggs Autopack automatic filling line.  

Features Include

3 metre modular construction
Adjustable side-guide / base rails fitted to allow for varying containers, variable controls for ramp up/down, speed and dwell time, e-stop provided as standard
Fixed or mobile frame, single or twin lanes, depositor stations, infeed / discharge end dead plates, container pick / place, pot droppers, snap-on lid closers, spraying systems, vibrating plates, electrical / compressed air sockets, removable drip trays, overhead emergency stop pull chords, read-out counters
Hygienic, easy to clean, simple to maintain, easy to use
High quality, robust construction
Built to stringent health & safety standards
Manufactured in-house at our Lancashire factory
Comprehensive guarantee, full after sales support