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Depositors & Filling Machines On Show At PPMA Total Show- October 01st 2019

Riggs Autopack will be exhibiting volumetric depositors and filling machines at this year’s PPMA Total Show.

The show itself is the UK’s biggest exhibition of processing and packaging machinery so make sure the event is in your diary! It takes place at the Birminham NEC, Tuesday 1st to Thursday 3rd October, and Riggs Autopack will be on Stand A21.

On display will be our Model SD servo depositors and a Model 1002 PLC filling machine with conveyor. We shall also be showing our semi-automatic filling machines and transfer pumps designed for artisans and medium scale food producers that need short batch runs with quick product changeover.

With exceptional performance, reliability, hygiene and build quality, our filling machinery provides increased production capacity for a huge variety of customers, with our clients typically ranging from small artisans through to multi-national food groups.

Due to the versatility of our depositors and filling machines, and high quality components used throughout, our equipment is suitable for other industries aside from food. These typically include products such as resins, adhesives, sealants, oils, lotions, cosmetics and toiletries, automotive products, paint, pet food, pharmaceuticals and wax.

Our modern ISO 9001: 2015 factory, based in Nelson, Lancashire, incorporates the latest computer technology in production and all machines are designed on the latest 3D modelling software. The machining centres and CNC lathes enables our depositors and filling machines to be produced to an extremely high standard and offers flexibility in providing a quick response to bespoke orders.

So if you're a small, medium or large scale food / non-food manufacturer seeking a high-quality system to accurately fill jars, bottles, pots, tubs, ready meal trays, cake tins, buckets, jerry cans, pouches or bags, then come and see us on Stand A21 at the PPMA Total Show to discuss your requirements!

Show Opening Dates / Times

Tuesday 1st October:        09.30 - 17.00
Wednesday 2nd October: 09.30 - 17.00
Thursday 3rd October:      09.30 - 16.00