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Granny Marys Team Up With Open Kitchens- April 29th 2020


One of Riggs Autopack’s long standing customer’s, Granny Mary’s, has teamed up with Open Kitchens, an incredible initiative that allows the company to stay open during the crisis and make their Original Recipes Potted Beef.

Open Kitchens is a national food solution that brings together restaurants and their communities to fund, produce and deliver free meals to those in need. Restaurants volunteer to open their kitchens and work for free to cook meals for those in need in their community. Now Granny Mary’s need your help.

In World War II, the founders Eddie & Mary Sutherland supplied potted beef to feed the troops in the trenches and everyone back at home helping with the effort. They still make the same recipe potted beef today, and in the current crisis they want to be able to get this to people in need.

Their pledge is to make 100's of pots every day for the elderly and most vulnerable. As a small business, it's always been the company’s mission to do what they can to help during this crisis. Whatever you're able to give, please support Granny Mary's on their mission to keep the local community going.




There are plenty of ways you can support Granny Mary’s on their pledge Just £1.15 is enough to provide a pot to someone to brighten their day, please visit Open Kitchens for more information. Visit their Just Giving page and donate whatever you can. For every 10 pots that are donated, Granny Mary's will donate 1 pot themselves.

Through the Morrisons stores they supply, every 10 pots that are sold, Granny Mary's will donate 1 pot. Alternatively, please buy directly from them at Original Recipes. A fantastic initiative to help feed those in need during this current crisis and anything you can do to help the cause is greatly appreciated.