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Riggs Autopack - Coronavirus COVID-19 Update- March 26th 2020

With regard to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Riggs Autopack is classed as a critical business and we'd like to assure our customers that we shall remain open to help with new machine enquiries or spares orders.

We know your organisation depends on us for various filling machinery and after-sales support, so we’d like to offer some reassurance during this difficult time. Riggs Autopack are committed to remain open during this difficult period while taking advice from HM government and WHO.

As part of the critical supply chain, we’re proud to be supporting the food industry who are working extremely hard to keep feeding the nation.

New machine orders, hire orders and spares orders will be processed and dispatched as usual, however, in order to comply with the latest advice we have taken steps to reduce our office staff with home working practices.

This is one of our fabricators, Jamie, completing a bespoke hopper for one of our customer’s depositor orders. Riggs Autopack would like to thank all our staff for still turning up to work, conforming to the social distancing and hygiene rules.

While there should be no interruption in the support we provide, we appreciate your understanding with this constantly evolving situation. Our staff remain committed to our support role and we’re available to help and support the food industry where possible.

Please also note - if you're producing hand sanitiser and urgently require a filling machine to pack off products to help with the current pandemic, our filling machines are suitable for this product and we shall do all that we can to supply as quickly as possible.

Please do contact us with any requests that you may have.

Tel: 01282 440040