Series 1 Micro-Fill Depositor


Our Series 1 Micro-Fill depositor provides a single deposit range of 3ml - 85ml per cycle, and accurately fills most types of container. Designed for small to medium scale food producers utilising short batch runs, this compact depositor provides damage free and highly precise depositing of hot or cold liquid and semi-liquid products. Also available with a bench to floor conversion kit.






Features Include

  • Designed for small - medium scale food producers
  • Semi-automatic with foot pedal operation
  • Available as fully automatic for use with a conveyor
  • Bench or floor mounted
  • Deposit range of 3ml - 85ml per cycle
  • 15 litre square or 25 litre conical product hopper with 1" tri-clover outlet
  • Pneumatically operated, requires compressed air supply
  • High quality construction, 316 stainless steel used in all product contact areas
  • Nitrite / viton / ptfe / ptfe encaptulated seals
  • Depositing nozzle to suit to ensure clean cut-off
  • Fully adjustable depositing volumes / speeds
  • Hygienic, easy to clean, simple to maintain, operator friendly
  • Outright or lease purchase, short or long term hire
  • Comprehensive guarantee, full after sales support 
  • No-obligation on-site trial