Machine Range

Riggs Autopack manufacture high quality depositors, filling machines, transfer pumps and conveyor filling lines. Our machines are designed for artisans or start-ups planning to use a semi-automatic depositor for the first time, through to companies using automatic depositors with conveyor systems, VFFS or rotary pot machines.

Machine Range

Model 1000 Standard Depositors
Model 1000 Transfer Pumps
Model 1001 Bespoke Depositors
Model 1002 Conveyor Filling Lines
Model 2000 Depositors
Ancillary Equipment

Do Riggs Autopack manufacture the machines in Britain ?

Yes. We design and build our range of depositors and filling equipment in-house at our 50,000 sq ft factory in Nelson, Lancashire.

What type of products are suitable for your machines ?

Our depositors, filling machines and transfer pumps are designed for wet based products - liquid, semi-liquid pastes and products with suspended particulates (cold, ambient or hot up to 120° C).

Do your machines damage delicate products or particulates ?

No. Due to the high quality components used throughout, our depositors, filling machines and transfer pumps provide damage free product depositing.

What type of containers are suitable for your depositors ?

Our depositors accurately fill most types / size / shape of container such as jars, bottles, pots, tubs, buckets, jerry cans, trays, foils, cake tins, moulds, cartons, sachets, pouches and bags.

How are your machines powered ?

Our machines require pneumatic compressed air for use. We can provide fully pneumatic, electrical PLC or servo control. Air pressure typically at 3 - 5 bar (max 80lbs / sq inch).