Depositor Features

With fully adjustable depositing volumes and speeds, our food production depositors provide damage free depositing of hot or cold liquid, semi-liquid and suspended solid products, and accurately fill most types and size of container.


Depositor Features Include

Made in Britain
CE marking
High quality construction & easy to clean
Depositing nozzle to suit to ensure clean product cut-off
Nitrile / viton / ptfe / ptfe encapsulated seals
316 stainless steel used for all contact parts
304 stainless steel used for non-contact parts
Built to stringent health & safety standards

Depositor Configurations

Semi-automatic with foot pedal control
Fully automatic for use with a conveyor
Micro, standard, or maxi-fill piston pump barrel
Single or multi-head depositing nozzles
Table top or mobile frame
Low or high level product hopper
Direct connection to a cooking kettle / holding tank

Piston Pump Barrel Options

Micro: deposit range 3ml - 85ml
Standard: deposit range 10ml - 1200ml
Maxi: deposit range 200ml - 5000ml


Electrical PLC
Servo (Full or Back Stop)

Services Required

On-site compressed air supply required
Air pressure typically at 3 - 5 bar (max 80lbs / sq inch)