Machine Features

The main stay of Riggs Autopack's business is our Model 1000 standard depositors, filling machines and transfer pumps, Model 1001 bespoke depositors and Model 1002 automatic conveyor filling lines. With fully adjustable depositing volumes and speeds, our volumetric depositors and filling machines provide damage free depositing of hot or cold liquid, semi-liquid and suspended solid products, and accurately fill most types and size of container.


Principle Of The Depositor Dispensing Unit

Stage 1 & 2. The dispensing unit is primed with the product and shown in the start / reset position. Stage 3 & 4. The dispensing unit is depositing the product and shown in the forward / calibration position.



Depositor Features Include

Made in Britain
CE marking
Bespoke design
High quality construction
Suitable for small, medium or large scale food producers
Accurately fill's most types and size of container
Depositing nozzle to suit to ensure clean cut-off
Nitrile / viton / ptfe / ptfe encapsulated seals
316 stainless steel used for all contact parts
304 stainless steel used for non-contact parts
Built to stringent health & safety standards
Hygienic, quick to strip down, easy to clean
Easy to use, simple to maintain

Depositor Configurations

Semi-automatic with foot pedal control
Fully automatic for use with a conveyor
Single or multi-head depositing nozzles
Table top or mobile frame
Low or high level configuration
Micro, standard, or maxi-fill piston pump barrel options
Hopper feed or direct connection to a cooking kettle / holding tank

Piston Pump Barrel Options

Micro: deposit range 3ml - 85ml
Standard: deposit range 10ml - 1200ml
Maxi: deposit range 200ml - 5000ml


Electrical PLC
Servo (Full or Back Stop)

Services Required

On-site compressed air supply required
Air pressure typically at 3 - 5 bar (max 80lbs / sq inch)