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Scandinavian Hair Company Choose Riggs Autopack- April 13th 2018


Scandinavian Hair Company brightens up the world with high-quality hair, beard and skincare products. The company never produce for themselves and do not develop brands for themselves.

Instead, they co-operate with their customers to create their own high quality unique brands. This is the company's focus area, to only work with private labels for their customers.

Part of what makes Scandinavian Hair Company unique as a partner is that they tailor the product to the client's wishes, which means the client owns the recipe in its entirety. This also means that the customer has their own distinctive and unique product, both in terms of design and ingredients.

With experience ranging from products for small salons or events, to the conceptual launches of the global cosmetics chain, they are well equipped to create the brand and the products the client wants to put on the market. They are able to help through the entire process, from the initial idea to the finished product and to further innovations in the development of the concept.

As part of the company set-up, they have a modern laboratory and design department to tailor and create bespoke own brand products and packaging design that are unique to the client, and their production facility is based in Svedala just outside Malmo. From there they carry out comprehensive product composition and development work until the client is completely satisfied with the end result.

Their products are represented globally in 28 different countries and they work with small, medium or large scale companies. They pre-dominantly supply to hairdressers, hotels, major cosmetic chains and other businesses that want to have own-label hair, beard and skin products.

The association between Scandinavian Hair Company and Riggs Autopack started back in June 2016 when they approached Riggs Autopack to assist with high quality filling machinery for their range of high quality shampoo and hair wax products. As the business grew, their existing machine could not keep up with the increasing order intake, therefore, they began a search for a suitable filling machine that would handle it.

Following the initial discussions, meetings and product reviews, Riggs Autopack were able to advise on a suitable semi-automatic filling machine, namely their Model 1000 Series 3. This foot pedal operated filling machine was quickly installed at site in Sweden and transformed their production process

This investment enabled Scandinavian Hair Company to dramatically develop their whole production and packing process; it vastly reduced the production time and meant they were now able to take on far more substantial orders. As the business began to further grow, they began discussions again with Riggs Autopack for the supply of an automated filling line to cater for their range of containers and products.

In 2017 they invested in a major automation upgrade with a Riggs Autopack 4 head automatic filling machine complete with a rotary infeed table and 5 metre slat running conveyor.

The filling machine itself was designed to fill 4 containers each time and contained PLC control to provide recipe programming for their varied products. The product cut-off nozzles were mounted within a height adjustable frame to cater for the various sizes of pots and bottles that would be needed to be filled on the line itself. The filling machine also incorporated a direct feed system which meant products are taken directly from the cooking kettles where they are prepared to the filling machine, thus avoiding heat loss in the product and manual handling.

Scandinavian Hair Company's Production Manager Emil Olsson commented "We chose Riggs Autopack for their knowledge, service and above all because they build reliable machines and high precision. We started investing in a Series 3 filling machine especially for filling hair wax.

When the order intake of hair wax increased, we decided to invest in a four head automatic line. We also got help from Riggs Autopack in investing in an automatic capper for our automatic wax line. For a while, we have also filled other types of hair products in both machines, such as shampoo, conditioner, treatment etc and even low viscosity fluids.

The filling precision is very important to us. We have E-marking on all our products and it is very important that the amount filled in the packaging is 100% each time. Riggs Autopack's machines have proven to be able to handle them.

A big plus for Riggs Autopack's machines is that they are very easy to use. The service from the company is among the best we have encountered. They have always been helpful in finding the right kind of equipment and training on the machines. The knowledge that Riggs Autopack has is of absolute top class".