Mark Butler (Twist Condiments). I'm very impressed with our machine. To say I'm pleased is an understatement and I can see this depositor will transform my business. I used to dread filling jars by hand and now it's no bother!

Nick Brook, Technical Manager (BD Foods). The depth of knowledge displayed by Riggs Autopack was outstanding. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others and I look forward to working with them on a new project in the not too distant future.

Hugh Monroe (Christine's Cheshire Preserves). Pleased really isn't the word we'd use to describe the opinion of our filling machine. We're delighted. Really couldn't have coped without it, other half poorly and out of action just at the busiest period in our calendar and just after a 10,000 jar order was secured from a customer. Thank you for all your help and the speed with which you were able to get a filling machine to us.

Belinda Barlow (Spar Group Ltd, South Africa). We were very impressed with the performance of the Riggs Autopack depositor machine and would recommend them for use in our stores.

Chris McClellend, Operations Manager (Calder Foods Ltd). I'm very impressed with how Riggs Autopack's filling machine operates, it's versatility is superb. The equipment is easy to clean and downtime has been significantly reduced.

Claire Kent, Owner (Claire's Handmade). We discussed our specific needs with Riggs Autopack in detail. They came and demonstrated how the equipment would work using our own products. We were thoroughly impressed and very pleased when the machine was installed and running. It met all the requirements accurately with no faults. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Mark Whitehead, Managing Director (The Hawkshead Relish Company). Riggs Autopack has been excellent to deal with. We've been thoroughly impressed with the filling machines easy to use features which has given us extra flexibility and the capacity to expand our product ranges even further.

Chris Nash, Managing Director (Zorba Delicacies Ltd). As one of the main suppliers to major UK supermarkets, it's paramount that the equipment we use is reliable, easy to use and efficient. Riggs Autopack has never let us down and we've built a fantastic relationship with them over the years. The depth of knowledge and capabilities of the company has been a huge asset to the projects that we've worked on together.

Keith Lewis, Production Manager (Kanes Foods Ltd). In our business it's all about forming relationships and we've developed an excellent one with Riggs Autopack. They understand the food industry very well and obviously that helps. After initial discussions, they understood our specific needs and production concerns and provided us with a cost effective depositing machine solution.

John Wilkins, Director (The Tracklement Company Ltd). I'm very impressed with how Riggs Autopack's filling machine operates. The team here are delighted that it's easy to use and clean. Because of it's quick changeover times and reliability, we've been able to increase our production levels with great results.

Bob Clark (Clarks UK Ltd). We've worked with Riggs Autopack for a number of years. Riggs Autopack worked closely with us to really understand our requirements and have helped us to future proof our production facility for future growth. They offer exceptional service, great quality machinery and have always been reliable.

Emil Olsson (Scandinavian Hair Co). The service we received from Riggs Autopack is among the best we've encountered and the knowledge that Riggs Autopack has is first class.

Karen Austin (Peckish Kitchen). We couldn’t live without the Riggs Autopack filling machine now, it’s awesome! We remember what is was like spending hour-upon-hour hand ladling our jam products into jars and we couldn’t go back to that now. Dealing with Riggs Autopack has been a delight.