Series 6 Gastronorm Pump



Our Series 6 gastronorm transfer pumps are designed for medium - large scale food producers. These food pumps keep your production running and remove the need for operators to manually fill gastronorm trolley trays. They pump directly from cooking kettles, tote bins, mixing vessels or IBC, and provide damage free transfer of hot free flowing liquid products.


Standard 4.0 - transfer rate up to 26 litres per minute
Maxi 5.125 - transfer rate up to 50 litres per minute


Damage free product handling
Bespoke depositing head to suit gastronorm trays
Pump directly from tote bins or cooking kettle outlet 
Mobile frame with lockable castors
316 stainless steel / food grade flexible used in all product contact areas
Supplied with the relevant length / width of pipework
Simple to operate, hygienic & easy to clean
Requires compressed air supply
12 months warranty
Full after-sales support