Series 3 Depositor



Our popular Series 3 depositor is designed for artisans and start ups planning to use a semi-automatic depositor for the first time, through to medium - large scale producers that need an off-line depositor for short batch runs. Supplied with a height adjustable table to cater for varying size containers, this high-quality versatile depositor provides damage free depositing of hot or cold liquid, semi-liquid and suspended solid products, and accurately fills most types or size of container.

Machine Features

Semi-automatic with foot pedal control
Fully automatic for use with a conveyor
Choice of piston & barrel size
Fixed position cut-off valve or
hand held with flexible hose
40 litre hopper or
direct feed from a product tank
Mobile frame with lockable castors
Height adjustable table
316 stainless steel in all product contact areas
Simple to operate, hygienic & easy to clean
Requires compressed air supply
12 months warranty
Full after-sales support

Piston & Barrel Sizes

Standard Range

1000 (1.5) 10ml - 170ml
1000 (2.285) 25ml - 400ml
1000 (2.8) 50ml - 600ml
1000 (4.0) 125ml - 1200ml

Maxi Range

1000 (5.125) 200ml - 2500ml
1000 (5.125s) 200ml - 3300ml
1000 (6.5) 500ml - 5000ml

Suitable Food Products

Jam, marmalade, chutney, pickles, relish, honey, peanut butter, condiments, sauces, deli fillers, dips, dressings and marinades, smoothies, soup, ready meals, coleslaw, pate, quiche, sandwich and pie fillings, dairy, bakery and seafood products, cake, pudding and dessert ingredients.

Suitable Non-Food Products

Hand Sanitiser, Cleaning Products, Medical Gels, Cosmetics, Adhesive, Automotive Products, Membranes, Surface Treatments, Resin, Industrial Lubricants & Fillers, Latex, Liquid Fish Bait, Pet Food, Suet Bird Feed, Resin, Saline Solution, Paint, Varnish, Screen Wash, Sealant, Toiletries, Wax.