Why choose Riggs Autopack for your depositor / filling machine ?

Established in the 1940's, Riggs Autopack is an industry respected and award winning British manufacturer with many decades of design and build experience. We pride ourselves on being people you can work with; friendly, professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable. We manufacture a first class product and each client receives the same impeccable standard of service.

Do Riggs Autopack manufacture the depositors and filling machines in Britain ?

Yes. We are a very proud British machine manufacturer. We design and build all our depositors and filling equipment in-house at our factory in Nelson, Lancashire. 

What type of equipment do you manufacture ?

We manufacture volumetric depositors and filling machines, transfer pumps and conveyor filling lines for the food production industry.

What type of companies do you supply ?

We supply our equipment predominantly to the food production industry. We manufacture compact semi-automatic machines for small artisans and start-up companies through to fully automatic machines for large scale food producers. We also supply our equipment to a wide variety of non-food industry manufacturers.

What type of depositors / filling machines do you manufacture ?

We manufacture volumetric piston pump depositors and filling machines ie. a pre-set measured amount of product is taken from a hopper or holding vessel into the piston pump, which is then dispensed through a depositing nozzle into a container.

What type of products can your depositors / filling machines dispense ?

Our food production depositors and filling machines are designed for liquid, semi-liquids, and food products with suspended particulates. Our machinery is not suitable for dry goods.

Can your depositors / filling machines deposit both hot and cold products ?

Yes. Due to the high-quality seals fitted in our machines, we can deposit cold, ambient and hot goods up to 120 degrees C.

What type of containers can your depositors / filling machines deposit into ?

Our machines accurately deposit product into most types / size / shape of container such as jars, bottles, pots, tubs, buckets, jerry cans, trays, foils, cake tins, shaped moulds, cartons, sachets, pouches and bags.  

Do your depositors / filling machines damage delicate products or particulates ?

No. Due to the bespoke design and high quality components used throughout, our machines provide damage free product depositing. 

How are your depositors / filling machines powered ?

They are powered pneumatically and require compressed air for use. 


What type of controls can you provide on your depositors / filling machines ?

We can provide pneumatic, electrical PLC or servo drive control.