What type of equipment do Riggs Autopack manufacture & who do you supply ?

We manufacture volumetric depositors and filling machines, transfer pumps and conveyor filling lines, supplied pre-dominantly for the UK food production industry. Clients range from artisans and start-ups through to companies using automatic depositors with conveyor systems, VFFS or rotary pot machines.

Do Riggs Autopack manufacture the machines in Britain ?

Yes. We are a proud British manufacturer. We design and build our range of depositors and filling equipment in-house at our 50,000 sq ft factory in Nelson, Lancashire.

What type of products are suitable for your machines ?

Our machines are designed for hot or cold liquids, semi-liquids, and products with suspended particulates (up to 120° C).

Do your machines damage delicate products or particulates ?

No. Due to the bespoke design and high quality components used throughout, our machines provide damage free product handling and depositing.

What type of containers can your depositors deposit into ?

Our machines accurately deposit product into most types / size / shape of container such as jars, bottles, pots, tubs, buckets, jerry cans, ready meal trays, foils, cake tins, moulds, cartons, sachets, pouches and bags.

How are your machines powered ?

Our machines require pneumatic compressed air supply. Air pressure typically at 3 - 5 bar (max 80lbs / sq inch). For PLC machines, electrical supply is 230V 1 Ph N+E, 16A.

Do you provide after-sales service support ?

Yes. We provide full after-sales support. Our machines are supplied with a 12 months warranty and our after-sales department provides telephone / on-site technical support, spare parts supply, staff training, planned maintenance agreements and engineer call-out.